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90.91% mass,effect

... ystem operators have been benefiting from the GetFare technology advantages over the years of successful operation. GetFare provides an unconventional & more cost-effective approach to solving common mass transit system issues related to fare collection. ...

... than 300 transit operators & 20 AFC system operators have been benefiting from the GetFare technology advantages over the years of successful operation. GetFare provides an unconventional & more cost-effective approach to solving common mass transit system issues related to fare collection. ...

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Result Cosmetics

... Cuticle Action shampoo and Hair Cuticles Reconstructive, both developed with a combination of Acai Oil and Jabuticaba extract to potentiate synergistically the extreme hair treatment. THREE-M TRIPLE EFFECT CONTROL KIT The kit is composed by Anti-Residue Shampoo and Intensive Control Restorer, both developed with a combination of Maracuja Oil, Muruci Extract and Murumuru Butter to potentiate syner ...

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OREON Life Science

... easing needs of physicians & patients who wants to restore their younger, healthy skin appearance. Rainbow Thread has a high quality with diverse product ranges from PDO, Gold to PLLA. They are very effective on strengthen skin rejuvenation and lifting as a non-invasive treatment. Zenfil is a HA fillers are based on crosslinked HA. A complete range of high performance HA based filler: Zenfil Fine ...

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Nail Best

... сервиса высочайшего класса. Обучение инструкторов для регионов по эксклюзивным методикам. Приглашаем к сотрудничеству школы, студии и магазины! Гель-лак Универсальный кошачий глаз Nail Best Cat Eye Effect - Gold и White Silver, Магнит-карандаш для гель-лака кошачий глаз , Матовый топ для гель-лака Nail Best Matte Top, густая каучуковая база для выравнивания ногтей Nail Best Rubber Base, камуфлир ...

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ShenZhen Diamante Technology

... product to existing back end software systems. Diamante keeps investing on the latest technology and new ideas. To win market by the most durable, user friendly, leading edge technology and cost effective products, as well as providing our partners the most efficient and professional service are Diamante s simple but strong core strength. Diamante team look forward to long term cooperatio ...

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Shenzhen Zhuoyuefeiyang Technology

... UICKGUN2012 and X3 are honored products of the company. With shaped Pulse and Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technologies, temporarily overrides the central nervous system. Protect the polices, effective weapons against violence. ...

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... ne stop service.What is more,Sograce accompanies with the mature management and service,striving to develop and produce the high quality and competitive products. Our purpose is to producre the most effective products to hit customers` requirements. All our consideration is built on customer`s benefits.Warmly Welcome to visit our factory and cooperate with us. ...

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Silicon Saxony

... ony is one of Europe s most successful trade association for the semiconductor, electronic, microsystems and software industries. The number of members has risen to 300 at present. In order to create effective and efficient networks the association enables vibrant forums for its members and specialists. These work groups are an essential driving force in the development of new technologies and pro ...

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magazine RAILWAY PRO

... ал также предоставляет возможность для продвижения Вашей компании на железнодорожный рынок напрямую, посредством публикаций интервью и рекламных статей. Railway Pro Communication Platform is the most effective communication tool of the railway business environment, tailored for the specific needs of railway professionals and investors in order to provide them with the latest business opportunities ...

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Key to Metals AG

... mission is to be the global leaders in providing the ultimate one-stop place for material properties information, thus helping engineers, professionals and companies worldwide to improve efficiency, effectiveness and reliability. Тел.: +41 44 586 49 59 ...

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